Pre and Post Build Tasks

I think it would be immensely useful for a future release of Irida to have a section of configurable pre and post build tasks for any project type.


  • Build JAR file of any directory or logically build JAR of all classes and potentially include a main-class in the MANIFEST

  • Abilty to specify where to copy this JAR.

  • Copy all exploded project files to any location specified.

Some of this functionaly exists for Web Applications where you can specify you want a WAR file built or an exploded directory deployed.

I think there needs to be the ability to add as many pre/post build tasks as desired per module per project. This allows us to create 3 JAR files if desired or have two exploded WAR file directories. Possibly allowing us to remove or add a jar to one of the WAR file exploded directories that make it compatible to more than application server by using a copy task.

This kind of stuff gives us extreme flexibility.

Just my 2 cents.

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This can already be done for Ant tasks. Go into the Ant Build window, right-click on a task, and select "Execute On". You can choose to execute a task before compilation, after compilation, or before any run or debug session. Since pretty much anything you want to do at those points is available through Ant, you're good to go.

>This kind of stuff gives us extreme flexibility.

Yup, it certainly does.

--Dave Griffith


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