Can "Find in Path" results use the "Recent Find Usages" (Ctrl-E) to browse back previous "Find in Path" results?

I use "Find in Path"(Ctrl-Shift-F) quite often.

Several times I need to do multiple "Find in Path" queries in order to understand how certain strings are used (not necessarily variables, etc.).

I really need not to search again just to go back to my previous results.

I see that "Recent Find Usages" (Ctrl-E) can browse back to previous "Find Usages" but it is not working for mere "Find in Path" results.

Do I miss something?

If not, can you please implement this somehow? (maybe (Ctrl-Shift-E)?)

Thank you.

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Hi there,

1) "Find in Path" has an option (bottom right corner) -- "Open in new tab".


2) You can pin any existing search results .. so the new search will be displayed in new tab automatically:


3) Search results panel has "Recent" list and it works OK in v8 (but not in v7.1.3)


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Thanks, great answer!

Some notes: Using "Ctrl-E" it does open a new tab with older results BUT it also makes the focus go to the "code window". So if i press a 2nd time Ctrl-E to open another tab with older results, then this action opens the "Recent Files". I believe we should stay focused in the tools window where we were, what do you think?

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Not sure what are you talking about.

  • When I use "Recent Find Usages" (Ctrl+E), the popup appears and I have to choose one from the list (obviosuly, it is invoked when focus in Search Results tool window).
  • Second Ctrl+E does nothing -- popup list remains opened.
  • Once switched to another search ... the focus remains in Search Results.

Therefore I do not understand what problem you are having here with double Ctrl+E

It was tested just now in v8 build 138.567.

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Sorry for the confusion, please do the following:

1. Ctrl+E  (opens the list of "Recent Find Usages")

2. Select one from the list and press Enter (to open this as a new tab in the "Find" window)

3. Ctrl+E (to open the list again, does it open?).

Now, this is what I am talking about.

In my case, this action opened the "Recent Files" dialog because the focus switched to the "code editor" when I pressed the Enter.

Isn't the same to you?

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(to open this as a new tab in the "Find" window)

That's the key moment.

It's focusing issue (BTW -- I have no idea where the focus is)

  • If it opens in the same tab then focus is OK
  • If new tab -- then focus is somewhere else (outside tool window?)

The workaround -- use F12 to bring focus back to the tool window.

When invoking search with "Open in new tab" option active, it (status from the latest search) will be re-used in "recent searches" as well.

If workaround is not good enough for you  ... then I may only suggest submitting a new ticket to the Issue Tracker (but check for existing tickets first here).

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Workaround is fine, thank you for your speedy replies.


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