Gradle support in WebStorm

I'm evaluating WebStorm for a new project, and I wanted to use Gradle for builds.  I see that there are plugins for the full IntelliJ IDEA and for the Android Studio versions, but the Gradle plugins do not show up for WebStorm.

Do the Gradle plugins work for WebStorm?

If not, is anyone using Gradle other than to just launch a script that runs a Gradle biuld?


I am working on a project that has a very heavy java base, but a lot of modules and front end stuff done in php and javascript. For this, we are using intellij for the java parts, but since the main part of our program is the front end, we are using phpstorm. We use gradle as a build automation tool, but currently we have to use simply the editor in phpstorm without any syntax highlighting. Gradle support for phpstorm or webstorm would be greatly appreciated in our case.


>since the main part of our program is the front end, we are using phpstorm

Well... But Intellij IDEA provides the same level of javascript and PHP support as PHPStorm. So what's the reason for using PHPStorm at all? BTW, Idea also supports Gradle


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