Xdebug with multiple projects at once.

Hi there, I have a question for you all. I got this working somehow, but still I have an annoying problem connected with it.

This is the context of the problem at hand. I have 2 applications, say:


Both are in seperate phpstorm projects, and both have their own vhost in apache. The www.mysite.com does API calls to the api.mysite.com using SOAP. I have Xdebug enabled on both, and when I set both my projects to listen it all seems to work fine. Calls are getting a lot slower, but hey, that's allright. I can debug correctly and phpstorm automatically switches between the two to follow the application flow.

The thing now is, let's say I only needed to debug something at the www.mysite.com I do not listen on the api project. Now the problem starts occuring, for every hit that's done on the api project PhpStorm will open a dialog asking me which project I want to start debugging. It gets even worse when I have 3 projects open.

So, finally the question: Is it possible to enforce a certain phpstorm project to only listen to the xdebug calls of one specific URL and ignore the others so I don't keep getting the annoying dialogs?



Hi there,

Settings | PHP | Debug | Ignore external connections trough unregistered server configurations

See if that option will help here


I tried flipping that option, does not change anything. Does anyone have any idea?


Marc, you may try the following:
1. Set "Max. simultaneous connections" to "1" in "Settings->PHP->Debug"
2. Add your projects which you don't want to debug in "Settings->PHP->Debug->Skipped Paths"
3. Enable option "Ignore ..." which was suggested to you and make sure that unwanted projects are not listed in "Settings->PHP->Servers"


It tried all of that, still not the thing I want.

I have xdebug enabled and started by default in my php.ini.

I want project A to ALWAYS auto accept incoming connections from url B etc. etc ..

It's really f*****ng annoying to have to accept every page hit, js file, css file when starting the debug ..


Marc so you're OK with debugging both projects because initially request was "Is it possible to enforce a certain phpstorm project to only listen to the xdebug calls of one specific URL and ignore the others", aren't you? You just want to get rid off the dialogs, right?


Yeah, the dialogs are really annoying. I'd like a project to accept any incoming request from 1 specific url. So when I enable the debugging on 2 projects, and both urls are called, it should juggle between the projects so I can follow the application flow. If I only enable one in phpstorm it should ignore the other requests.


Any progress with this? I could not agree more with Marc.


Please use PHP Remote Debug configuration where you can provide a specific server as well as a specific IDE key that will be used for listening. 


Done that, still the window shows.


Please try to disable "Listen For Debug Connections".


Im not sure i understand, you want me to "Stop listening for debug connections"? If i do that, nothing happens... But my guess would be thats the expected behaviour.


Heres two screengrabs of the settings


Andriy thats exactly the issue.


Michael, you've configured PHP Remote Debug "Default" configuration but you need to create a real configuration (click "+" and choose PHP Remote Debug"), then Start this configuration and keep "Listen to debug connection" disabled.


Done as adviced, added custom debug settings. Issues remains.

When i dont listen to debug connections, nothing happens. When i do list, popup shows.


The issue is under investigation. I'd suggest to vote/comment/follow WI-22613 since the thread is updated/monitored directly by developers.


This actually works as expected, you just need to click the debugger and NOT listen to incomming connections, and make sure you ahve a NOT default debug setting defined. See this forum topic and this issue: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-22613#comment=27-1296297 see the screenshots.


@staff thank you very much for the very quick repsonses!


This does not work as expected. 

I tried your solution, however, it still asks to select server.


Here are my screenshots:

1. Two projects are open at same time -> Sandbox and Payments. Both are configured for different host names (local.sandbox and local.payments)

2. Same configuration in both projects:


Payments: (bogus ide key)


3. In both cases, debugging is started (however, don't understand why I need to start debugging?)

4. When I try to open url in browser: http://local.billing.../, it asks me - which project I want to debug

Question is: WHY?  And how to get rid of that, without disabling debugging for a project.




The problem is you are still listening to connections, click on the 'Phone icon' to disable listening.


The problem is that I WANT to listen to connections.

I am debugging both projects at same time, some requests I do to project A, while other requests - to project B. 

If I follow your suggestion, then I will need to enable/disable "phone icon" after each request.


Hi Marc,

I would like to enable debugging across several PHP projects, can you let us know how you got it to work in the first place?

I just made a post on this topic:




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