Shortcuts for Paste, Simple Paste, Paste From History

Hey Guys,

I've always found some default shortcuts strange, like having none for 'upload to the default server' (I'd like to use ctrl-shift + U like some other web IDEs, but using ctrl-shift-alt + U to keep defaults as much as possible).

To me;

  • 'Simple Paste' is the most generic and the simple form, it gives me no surprise when I want to get some code from another file. So I'd like it to be in the 1st place (ctrl + V)
  • 'Paste From History' is the most specific one between three, so I think it would be better in the last place (ctrl-shift-alt + V)
  • 'Paste' (+format) may be commonly used, so it could be in the 2nd place (ctrl-shift + V). Adding the SHIFT to the combination nicely gives the sensation that the system will do an additional operation (format).

That's just the way I feel. What do you think about it? Does the idea deserve to go into the feature requests?


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Hi there,

Why do you need to submit feature request for that? You can customize shortcuts as you want -- "Settings | Keymap" -- just create your own and set it up as convenient to you.

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Hi Andriy,

Sure, I already use my own mappings, though I keep the amount of customization small, in order to keep up with the standard.

It's just my idea that it would make a good sense as a standard. And I just wonder the opinions of the community.

I get from your response that the current standard mapping makes better sense to you.

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TBH -- I personally do not really care as I can always change it to more suitable for me (plus ... I use "Paste from History" extremely rarely).

For example: Ctrl+W is commonly used to close tabs (browser tabs, for example). In this IDE (at least on Windows/Linux) this shortcut is used to extend/shrink selection (while on Mac it's Alt+Up/Down). Lots of people used to have Ctrl+W to close things ... so they are changing the keymap regardless.

Another thing to consider: those shortcuts were like that for a long time... so existing users got used to it. And if you change them now .... lots of people (who got used to this keymap) will not like the change at all (and may even submit tickets complaining on suddenly broken functionality).


But in any case: you are free to submit Feature Request even without asking here on forum (your have good explanation on why it can be done -- I personally see nothing wrong at all with such ticket) .. but devs quite likely will answer the same as I just did.

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Thanks for your opinion Andriy. Yes, that's why modifying default mappings is not trivial. But in the end we are existing users in the community who can share opinions which may reflect some hints on the trends of the userbase. So I just wanted to discuss on the subject to see what others think =)


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