Debugging in Webstorm: program "breaks" not in editor window, but in additional tab with code obtained from URL


I use Webstorm 8.0.3 and chrome browser for debug. I have a node.js app made with angular.
For some reason, when I set a breakpoint and it hits, in editor new tab is created, that looks like browser. Code there is downloaded from a local URL. The editor does not show place of breakpoint in actual window.

I also noticed that a) the worst thing is that code in that new tab is not up to date comparing to editor
and b) sometimes that additional tab reports that connection refuses.

All that I need is for program to "break" in the source code editor.

What would be the cause and how I can get rid of this annoying issue?

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Such problems usually mean that remote files are not correctly mapped to local ('remote URL' not correctly set for local files in JavaScript Debug Run configuration), so the debugger can't map the files being executed to your actual sources.


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