Can I have 2 completely different "Settings" on Webstorm and choose which one to use per project?


I am now experimenting with METEOR using WebStorm. I also use WebStorm for other non-METEOR projects.

For my METEOR project, I want to configure the "Settings" so that they are METEOR-friendly, as presented here:

For example, for METEOR projects the "Save files on frame deactivation" and "Save files automatically" should be turned off. Same with "Live Edit".

BUT, for all other projects I want these settings to be ON.

So, when I open WebStorm, I do not want to be changing the settings all the time depending on what type of project I open (METEOR or non-METEOR).

Is there any solution/work-around for this?

Thank you!

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I can suggest having 2 different WebStorm installations, each with its own settings.You need to modify the default configs location for one of instances - see for instructions

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Hello Elena,

very prompt response, thank you!

However, I believe that this is not a good way to solve the problem as this means that all *common* changes in settings have to be performed *twice*. For example I add a plugin and I have to add it to both environments, etc.

May I suggest another solution (that requires some coding on your behalf)?

Let us have a feature called "Setttings Overrides".

We will be able to create a list of "Overrides". Each "Override" will have a list of some options (like all checkboxes found in Settings for example) where we will want to have a different value than the DEFAULT one. So I will have a list like "Overrides for METEOR", "Overrides for AngularJS", etc.

Then, we will have a PROJECT-based property where I can choose to use a particular "Override" ("custom") for the settings of this particular project.

I know that this can be descibed much better, but you get the idea. It is kind of similar to the "Custom Keymap" feature but it should be on a per-project basis (while the list of overrides should be global so that 3 projects can immediately select to use a particular override, etc.).

This sounds like work, I know! But maybe your brilliant team already knows how to code this without too much hassles. And I believe it will be useful as more and more "METEOR" devs are using WebStorm now.


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I see:) Please feel free to file a request for this feature to youtrack,


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