QUnit + JSTestDriver: No tests found

I'm not able to get QUnit working with the JSTestDriver plugin working in PHPStorm.  I have followed the help and guides online, but I will always get the error:

No tests found. Please check 'test:' section of the configuration file

Empty test suite
My jstestdriver.jstd configuration:

My jstestdriver.jstd file

- test/libs/equiv.js
- test/libs/QUnitAdapter.js
- bower_components/jquery/dist/jquery.js
- bower_components/qunit/qunit/qunit.js
- src/*.js

- test/*.js

My test file:

(function() {
  (function($) {

         ======== A Handy Little QUnit Reference ========
         Test methods:
         module(name, {[setup][ ,teardown]})
         test(name, callback)
         Test assertions:
         ok(value, [message])
         equal(actual, expected, [message])
         notEqual(actual, expected, [message])
         deepEqual(actual, expected, [message])
         notDeepEqual(actual, expected, [message])
         strictEqual(actual, expected, [message])
         notStrictEqual(actual, expected, [message])
         throws(block, [expected], [message])
    "use strict";
    module("jQuery#hash-tabs", {
      setup: function() {
        return this.elems = $("#qunit-fixture").children();
    test("is chainable", function() {
      return strictEqual(this.elems.hash - tabs(), this.elems, "should be chainable");
    test("is hash-tabs", function() {
      return strictEqual(this.elems.hash - tabs().text(), "hash-tabs0hash-tabs1hash-tabs2", "should be hash-tabs");
    test("is hash-tabs", function() {
      strictEqual($.hash - tabs(), "hash-tabs.", "should be hash-tabs");
      return strictEqual($.hash - tabs({
        punctuation: "!"
      }), "hash-tabs!", "should be thoroughly hash-tabs");
    module(":hash-tabs selector", {
      setup: function() {
        return this.elems = $("#qunit-fixture").children();
    return test("is hash-tabs", function() {
      return deepEqual(this.elems.filter(":hash-tabs").get(), this.elems.last().get(), "knows hash-tabs when it sees it");


Tests will run fine using the web version and index.html file which ships with QUnit.  But tests cannot be found using the jstestdriver plugin.

Any help would be appreciated

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Thanks, reproduced. JsTestDriver plugin reported wrong error message.
Actually, when running the test in console (outside PHPStrorm), it reports:

Uncaught Error: Test case names must not contain '#'

So, the workaround is to rename "jQuery#hash-tabs" to something else.
The error message reporting will be improved in PHPStorm 9.

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Thank you.  It also appears that dashes - cause the same issue.  So in my case even

would not work.  Renaming to
solved the issue.

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