Focus problems for long-duration actions

Hi there,

I really like the IntelliJ but there is one VERY annoying problem concerning focus: in my environment (latest EAP (3354); up-to-date SuSE 9.1; KDE 3.4; two displays; multiple desktops; focus following mouse (for those not knowing the meaning: typing/clicking into a window does NOT raise it automatically, needs to be done explicitely by clicking window border or - mostly used - by hotkey) IntelliJ always steals focus, raises and switches desktop to the one displaying IntelliJ (even being lowered) when performing a "large" set of operations like e.g. multiple check-in/-outs to Perforce, synchronizing multiple moduls within my (large; ~50 moduls) project, ... . When doing clean (ant) builds, this leads always to several minutes not being able to continue working until IntelliJ finished syncing (there are opened a lot of progress windows, each for a short period only). And due to focus stealing/desktop switchiong the whole machine is unusable that time.

I found multpile tracker issues concerning this and also found them mapped to Jira (btw: is tracker moved to Jira?). But no workaround, nor they are linked together nor do I see any progress here.

What is planning for this? What is the reason at all for requesting focus (is it done explicitely or implicitely by underlaying JDK)?

IMHO a first step to improve this would be to collect those somewhere "atomic" actions (each leading to it's own progress bar) and presenting an overall progress.

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