debugger tends to block server when listening until restarting phpStorm

I follwed the instructions from this post on how to set up xdebug with php storm.. it works great.. the problem is that it works for the first request

ie let's say i turn the listener on.. then i reload the page.. my breakpoint captures the request and i can go step by step.. however once it's done and i reload the page again.. the request hangs until i turn off the phone icon, that's when the request completes just fine.. if i turn the listener back on it hangs again.. and so the only way i can fix it is by restarging phpStorm.. which basically means for each debug session i gotta restart phpstorm..

any idea how to avoid this?


Hi there,

Have you finished your original debug session before moving to next one (be it normally by running script to the end .. or by forcibly canceling the debug session)?

You can also increase number of simultaneous debug connections in "Settings | PHP | Debug" (that's in case if your scripts do create more than one).

In any case: restarting actual web server instead of PhpStorm should work better.


i usually run the script to the end before starting another request.. but i'm not sure how to 'forcibly kill a debug session'.. since i'm just listening to requests (ie i didn't click on the start debugging button).. can you please tell me how to do that?

i'd rather not restart the server since it has a complex configuration even when running locally


How's your debug tool window looks like when you finished?

If you close it (completely, not just hide) then it will close any existing debug connections as well.

Also -- what's your xdebug version?


ah i see.. yeah the debug window does show up.. i'll close it

my xdebug version is the latest i believe: 2.2.5


unfortuantely the problem is persisting.. i click on the [x] icon in the debug window that appears.. or command-w to close it.. but then it still hangs.. i donno what to do.. is there a way from the command line for example to make sure no process is running that shouldn't or something? it seems that the phpstorm gui isn't cutting it


I cannot give you any better advice ... since I do not know what is going on there.

Maybe submit a bug report ticket to the Issue Tracker so that corresponding dev will look into it for sure.


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