WS8: Manually load coverage results?

I'm trying to get coverage reports on jasmine-node test suites integrated into Webstorm 8.  

To my knowledge jasmine-node is not integrated, to work around this I just use filewatchers, grunt, jasmine-node, and istanbul for coverage.  This works well enough, and I get coverage results in the browser, but I'd really like to see the coverage in the IDE.  

From what i can tell, the karma coverage I'm using is in the same format, can I manually load my coverage results somehow, or is there an all around better solution?

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Hi there,

can I manually load my coverage results somehow

"Tools | Show Code Coverage Data" -- see if that option is available in WebStorm (it is there in PhpStorm) and if it work with your Karma stuff.

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there is currently no way to load external coverage data :( Please vote for
For jasmine node support please follow


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