Autocomplete filenames in src attributes


I'm trying out WebStorm and am trying to autocomplete a filename within a html page.

I've typed <script src="jqu"> and am trying to get it to autocomplete the "jqu" that I've types into to the path of the jQuery.js file I've got in my project.

I can't seem to get filename completion to work however.  I'm prtessing Ctrl+Space to attempt to auto complete, but it's not working.

Have I got the wrong key combination or can WebStorm not autocomplete file names?

I'm using WebStorm 8.0.3 on a Mac.




I've just tried this on Windows and it works perfectly, so it looks like this is a bug with the Mac version of WebStorm.

Can anyone confirm this?




Does completion work if you type exact file name (matching case)? May be, the problem is the case sensitivity?
Also, type 'src=""' and hit Cmd+space within "" - does completion suggest existing files/folders?



No, unfortunately filename completion doesn't work at all on the Mac, but doing the exact same thing does work on Windows.

When I press Cmd+Space within the "" I get a popup displaying "No suggestions".

I've got a project with a single HTML file (index.html) and a single JavaScript file called app.js

If I type

     <script src="app"></script>

WebStorm is unable to autocomplete the filename to app.js

This seems to be Mac specific.


Very strange... Not reproducible for me
Please can you attach your idea.log and a screenshot that shows up the issue?


Attached are a screen dump and the idea.log file.
Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 14.07.23.png


Thanks! the log is clean - no notion of any problems
Please can you hit cmd+space without entering any value, just type src="" and invoke completion? Also, I can see that 'app' is highlighted - what error/warning is shown?



The screenshot below is when I press Cmd+Space with nothing specified between the "".

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 14.51.53.png
There's nothing in my app.js really.  For testing this out, the contents of app.js is:

var webstorm= {


Aha... seems the javascript language is injected into the src attribute value for some reason. Do you have any custom language injections configured?


Thanks, that's it :)

For some reason I had a language injection set for the src attribute.

I've removed that and it all works fine now.

Thanks again !


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