Expect different "Right margin(Columns)" / "Wrap when typing reaches..." behaivour

Hi all,
I phpStorm 7.1.3 I have "Right margin(Columns)" set and "Wrap when typing reaches Right margin" checked.
But If my line have no spaces near with Right margin the line is not wrapped: http://s020.radikal.ru/i719/1405/fe/e3a6cc7cb304.png

Actually I would like  this line be wrapped and without space text.

If line has space, then it is wropped at space, but not near with Right margin : http://s020.radikal.ru/i717/1405/35/9cd528a17f46.png
And actually if line is wrapped is I woud like :
1) To wropp text near with Right margin, even without space in text.
2) Text wrapped line MUST NOT show line Number+1
3) To show in someway that upper row was wrapped : sometimes it is important to see if the line  was wrapped or these is new line (with CR). In my printscreen phpStorm does not distingwish it.

Is there is what I need ?


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Try to use: Settings | Editor | Use soft wraps .

Also feel free to file a feature request on tracker: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/WI#newissue=yes .


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