Hi there,

What kind of testing we are talking about here?

PHP is for back end programming .. so I do not see how your screen resolution (I assume this is what you mean by "other resolutions") should affect this.

In any case: PhpStorm currently supports PHPUnit and (as of most recent EAP builds) Behat tests for PHP.


Yes i know that, but iam using it for not only php developing, but also CSS & LESS, and HTML. And i want to preview my project in lower resolutions and such, Netbeans has that feature, i want to know if phpstorm has something equal.

Thank you all for answers and time.


Please show me where PhpStorm has that "preview" functionality that you are talking about?


I dont know if it has, that is what iam asking about. Iam looking for it.


It has no such thing.

It is not needed to test PHP code.

The LESS (SASS/SCASS/Stylus/etc) code will be compiled into the same CSS regardless of current resolution.

Resolution only matters in actual browser when you visually check how it is displayed/rendered. So you open you page in a browser, change browser frame size (manually or via some extension) and check there.


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