OT: Argh... Unicode in HTML/JSP problems

We are trying to make our webapp more international, and currently support English, Spanish, Portugeuse, German, French, and a bunch of other languages. ISO8859-1 seems to be a good enough code set for these languages.

We will soon have to support Greek. o_O It's a completely different code set, ISO8859-7.

So, my question is, should we change code sets based on user locale, or just go with UTF-8? We're running all Java, so all Strings are internally Unicode.

If I try to switch to UTF-8, it seems like lots of characters change from being renderable into a square character, or a question mark. Is this just because my machine can't display those characters? Do I have to convert all Strings into HTML entities like so? ` Or can I just display them normally like so? –

So confusing...


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