Compass Watcher + Live Edit


I am using the latest 8 EAP. I setup a file watcher for Compass and it seems to be working fine, compiling the files immediately.

Problem is that Live Edit doesn't work when I am editing the .scss files. I need to to open and close my css directory or click Alt-R in order to force the browser to show the changes.

Live edit works as expected when editing the CSS files directly.



works fine for me - see attached screencast

Does PHPStorm 'see' your changed .css? Please open it in the editor - is it auto-updated on modifying your SASS, or you need to synchronize it first to see the changes? Please attach a screenshot of your file watcher configuration and your config.rb



No, the css is not auto-updated in PHPStorm, although the scss is compiled fine.

If I open the CSS file with another editor I can see the changes. Also if i press Alt-R the new CSS styles are shown in the browser, but the CSS file on PHPStorm still shows the old CSS.

To make PHPStorm to "see" the changes in the CSS file I need to either open and close the css directory, or change to another program and then return to PHPStorm. This seems to force it to reload the file.

The config.rb contains this:

http_path = "/"
css_dir = "css"
sass_dir = "sass"
images_dir = "img"
javascripts_dir = "js"

Screenshot of file watcher attached.


Have I done something wrong with the settings?


Yes - you need to make sure that the 'Output paths to refresh' option value matches your actual output directory (the one where the .css files are generated to). Also, I'd suggest replacing absolute paths with macros where possible


Thanks I got it to work.

The default compass scss watcher had as default output path I:/websites/Tests. I did try I:/websites/Tests/css but this didn't work either.

What worked was $FileParentDir$\css

Using just $FileParentDir$ works also.


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