Add Sub-Folders Previously Excluded from Download

Often when I create a project from existing files, I exclude folders from download for a variety of reasons (primarily download size).

There have been several times, after using the project for a while, I determined that I need to use one of those folders. Thus I would like to be able to have PHPStorm include and download these files.

I have tried adding a folder under Options | directories, but the added folder doesn't download and seems to behave differently.

Do I have any option outside of completely recreating the project?

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Hi there,

  1. Settings (Preferences on Mac) | Deployment
  2. Select your deployment entry (in case if you have more than one)
  3. Look at "Excluded paths" tab
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Should the folder show up automatically on the project list?

Will the "un-excluded" folder automatically download or do you have to do a sync or directory compare?

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You will have to download that folder manually: be it by navigating there vin Remote Host tool window and choosing "Download" from content menu ... or by running "Sync with Deployed...".


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