Unable to run git: git (Cannot run program "git" (in directory "."): error=2, No such file or directory)

I'm getting the error in the title in RubyMine 1.1.1.

Git is installed and works fine in the command line, so does anyone have any idea why it's having trouble in RubyMine?

I'm on a Mac with Snow Leopard. I've upgraded to Snow Leopard and 1.1.1 at the same time, so I'm not sure which might be causing the issue.

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Hello Adam,

At first please read about PATH env variable in Tip: How to setup Environment variables for RubyMine on Mac OS X. So you have two ways. First one is more correct the second is easier.
1. Follow instructions from our tip about Environment variables.
2. Specify path to git executable in RubyMine | File | Settings | Version Control | VCSs | Git | Path to git executable

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Thanks Roman, I'll try that tonight.


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