Config PHPstorm - inbuilt php-webserver with Slim framework

Quite new to PHPstorm (and PHP and web development) in general. Have few questions about PHPstorm settings to get an effective configuration set up. First, here is what I'd like to do:

1. Localhost (Windows 7 64-bit enterprise) running PHP-5.4.x in-built webserver, configured with sqlite + sqlite-PDO. Prior to PHPstorm, I was using Notepad++ for developing small PHP scripts. Used to start php inbuilt server using:
    php -t \web_root -S localhost:8000

2. Set up Slim framework ( - a microframework, good for REST applications development). Can be installed using  Composer, but I've set it up in C:\web_root manually (website has instructions for same). I *do not* have working Composer setup.

3. Production server is my shared-hosting site, which I can access via C-panel and FTP only (no shell access). Basically the most basic, stripped-down hosting.

Now my understanding is that I can set up the PHP with inbuilt webserver as the development server, though I am not sure if I can debug on it. Also, I am not clear on the role of "Composer" (Composer.phar) setting -- i.e. if it is needed for the type of configuration I wish to set up. I also see configuration item to set up "routing", but Slim framework bring it's own router. So, I am not too sure on how to go about the PHPstorm configuration.

Appreciate any guidance that helps me set up PHPstorm correctly, for the environment described above. Thanks in anticipation.


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