Setting background colour for "Click to see the full value"

Whenever I click on a 'click to see the full value' in the debugger, I get a popup with a pale cream coloured background with pale yellow text on it - this is completly illegible, unless I select some of the text.

I assume the pale yellow text is based on my theme (which has pale text on a dark background), but I can't figure out how to set a dark background colour for the popup.

Can anyone tell me which setting I need to change to get a dark background for this popup?



Hi there,

I believe this color is part ofthe GUI theme and cannot be changed.

Try changing whole GUI theme to a dark one (e.g. Darcula) via "Settings | Appearance | Theme"


Well chosing the 'Darcula' theme does make the popup readable, but at the expense of changing everything else to a colour scheme I don't like.

Is there no other way to change this (or is it possible to create your own theme that is identical to the default, with just that one background different?)




The only other option (I believe) would be creating a feature Request / Usability ticket asking to introduce an option to change colors in such popup windows (i.e. add it to the editor color scheme)


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