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Hy all,

I'm really loving PHPStorm so far, but there's 1 anoying thing about it. The color settings for the backtip. I can't find where to change it ( probably overlooked it a couple of times ), but maybe you guys know it.

Let's say that i've got this piece of code:

$someData = DB::get("SELECT * FROM `test`;");

That looks in my editor like this:

Screen Shot 05-18-14 at 11.51 AM 003.PNG
Do you see that pink color around the backtips? [ ` ]
How can i get rid of that?

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Hi there,

1) Please show screenshot using either Default or Darcula color scheme -- it's easier for me (and most users) to spot the actual reason for such highlighting  this way rather than guess what it might be in your custom color scheme

2) Quite possibly you have wrong SQL Dialect selected and SQL inspection thinks that those backticks are invalid in selected SQL Dialect. Place caret on error, Alt+Enter and show what menu you will see there.

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Thank you for your reply. I've switched back to the Darcula theme and then i could see the red underline of an error. So i gues the pink thing is the error shower?

But you where right about the SQL dialect. After setting it to MySQL ( in File -> Settings -> Project Settings -> SQL Dialects ) the underlines where gone and now it looks normal again.

Thank you for your time!


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