4.5.4 (and previous versions) really slow on OSX


For the past few months, I have found intellij frustratingly slow (I am on a dual 1.8 G5, 2GRAM). It literally can not keep up with my typing -- even in a 10 line file. My project isn't that huge -- 60k lines. Is there a way to make intellij faster or is JetBrains planning on speeding it up? I am nearly to the breaking point -- it truly sucks at the moment.

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Exactly! I'm using 1.25 G4 on a powerbook and IDEA's performance is killing me.

Don't get me wrong - I love the IDE - but it is so amazingly, annoyingly S-L-O-W that it simply blows my mind. Restarting IDEA helps but after an hour or two we are back where we started, IDEA consuming 50-70 percent of CPU when "idle".

As you said, it's almost a sad joke when your IDE can't keep up with your typing. Not to mention all the other things you usually do with the IDE.

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What pisses me off is that if I use eclipse/jbuilder, it works just fine. So why did I spend money?

I tried to contact support, but it did not solve anything.
They said that java on Mac is slow and no one else complains about intelliJ on Mac.

Obviously they are wrong.

Some ppl speculate that 10.4 will fix all issues. All we can do is wait. But mean while I switched to eclipse

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I have the same specs as the previous guy (1.25 G4 Powerbook), and the same problem. IntelliJ can't keep up when I type. My only theory is that general IDE slowly multiplied by Java slowness (neither one particularly bad by itself) results in this nearly unusable state.


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