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Hi there,

After using Eclipse last year (2013) for mainly coding in PHP and JS, I decided that I need an IDE that's designed specifically for these languages.
Needless to say that JetBrains has the best tool for what I want to do, and as a former user of IntelliJ it was just the obivious path to follow and I downloaded WebStorm to see how it performs.

So far, I am loving it!

However, I am struggling to get the best use of Structure Tool Window.

I am developing a small framework to help with JavaScript patterns:

And here is what is happening when I am editing a file with that kind of structure:

var TestClassless = (function()
    function p() {}

    function TestClassless() // Not showing as a constructor.
        var c = this;

        var a = 0;

        this.b = 0;

        c.d = 0;

        this.r = function() {};

    TestClassless.prototype.f = function() {};

    TestClassless.s = 0; // Not showing as static.

    return TestClassless;

It shows everything as variables, fields, and methods.

Eclipse outline does a better job on that part showing it as static methods, constructors and stuff.


So, does anybody know any plugin or ways to teach patterns to Structure Tool Window?
Or anyting that can make it sees some JS code structure not as just functions and variables.

Thank you!

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Seems there is no way to do this. Even the methods explicitly marked with @constructor annotation appear with 'mrthod' icon in the Structire view.
Please feel free to create a request for providing a special icon for constructors in youtrack,

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Thank you Elena.

I will do as you have suggested.


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