Difficulty debugging Node-WebKit application

Hey folks,

I'm fairly new at writing Node-WebKit apps, but I thought I'd give it a shot in WebStorm because I loved my experience with IntelliJ. I'm attempting to debug a CanJS/NWK app that I can launch from the command line just fine without any options. It will also launch and run from a WebStorm Node-webkit-based configuration, but it does not appear to actually hook the process to the debugger.

When I launch, I see "Connected to localhost:53637" in the debugger, I see some expected warnings in the console, but none of my breakpoints are being hit. I've looked for anything beyond the standard "make a config based on NWK, point it at the nw binary and project folder, then click debug" instrucitons and did not find any, so if anyone can please give me some advice to get it working, I'd really appreciate it.

Are there issues with CanJS needing to be added as a dependency or something?


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Please ensure that you use latest node-webkit version.

It is known issue (I guess), workaround doesn't available in WebStom 8.0.2, I will prepare special build for you in 5-12 hours to test.


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