How to setup Filewatcher with node-sass?

I have windows (8) and do not want to deal with ruby. So I installed node.js and node-sass (There do seem to be more packages that can compile scss files to css, but this seems to be the primary one?).
When I setup a filewatcher, nothing happens. I have other filewatchers setup (LESS, YUIcompressor, etc.) they work fine.
Can someone tell me what could be wrong? node-sass is not very well documented for use on windows. Or perhaps I should use another package?


Bumping this thread. Specifically, setting up using Windows? It doesn't appear that node-sass has a valid executable for IntelliJ to use. Are there are ideas on how to get it workin?



here is a simple configuration that works for me:


Program:  <full path to your node-sass executable>, like ‘C:\Users\Elena.Pogorelova\AppData\Roaming\npm\node-sass.cmd’


Arguments: $FileName$ $FileNameWithoutExtension$.css


Working directory: $FileDir$


Output Paths: $FileNameWithoutExtension$.css




See the attached screenshot

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Is this executable approach better than using something like gulp?
Or would a task runner the more cumbersome to maintain and executing a single watcher.
Either way thank you for providing this solution.


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