PHPStorm remote debug like Eclipse PDT

Hi I'm evaluating to migrate from Eclipse PDT to PHPStorm 7.1.3 and I have this unresolved doubt.

First of all, this is my setup:

  1. My development box is an Ubuntu Server 12.04 with apache, php 5.4 and XDebug, its IP is Here is where my projects reside and where XDebug is actually installed.
  2. My Desktop has IP

In Eclipse PDT  I can configure my remote debug server in the server config page, and create a new debug configuration that associates the project with that debug server. After that, I can simply run that debug configuration from Eclipse PDT, and my browser opens and I can happly debug all my project.

After reading some blog posts, I can't figure it out how to achieve this very same behaiviour with PHPStorm, without using external browser plugins at all.

So the question is this ¿It's possible to achieve the same debug functionality with PHPStorm without using any external tools?

Thanks in advise!

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Hi there,

Well .. with zero-config approach you can use bookmarklets instead of browser extension. Both just setting up xdebug cookie that act as a signal for xdebug to debug this request.

But yes -- you can initiate debugging like you have described from within IDE as well -- just create and use Run/Debug Configuration of "PHP Remote Debug" or "PHP Web Application" types -- it will add similar xdebug marker via GET parameter. The downside of such approach is that it will debug requested URL only (as GET parameter is not carried to next page as cookie would naturally do)

Misc llinks:

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Thanks Andriy Bazanov.

Another question that comes to my mind is this.

It's possible  with PHPStorm to have my remote server ( project files in sync with a local copy (becasue loading siles directly from the server from my samba share is too slow) to PHPStorm load faster?

The concrete question is ¿Can I have a local copy of a samba shared project that is continuously in sync and can be debugged from remote server?


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The whole IDEA platform requires very fast access to source files (i.e. all files *must* be local -- accessing via network share is only "partially" supported -- works just fine for some and not (lags, random short freezes out of nowhere) for others).

The idea of workflow of how you *should* work:

  • project must be local -- you copy all required files to local HDD/SSD and work with them only
  • set up automatic deployment so that all changed files will be copied to a remote location automatically when modification is detected ("Settings | Deployment | Options --> automatically ..." and others)
  • if you need (from time to time) to do a manual sync -- "Tools (or right click in Project View) | Deployment | Sync with deployed to ..."

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Well, just forget about it, I managed to create a remote project on mounted samba share. Realized that i needed to create a depl
oyment server (partially created on project wizard), and after that, changed the PHPStorm  debug port to my own and voila, it works.

After that, just setted up the project synchro options and thats all.

Than ks for the help!


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