PhpStorm vs WebStorm

Hi ! I need to know if PhpStorm includes all the features of WebStorm too, that is, PhpStorm is WebStorm + PHP IDE.

Thanks !!


Thanks, searching more in the forum I found this is a FAQ, maybe you should add a comparison table for the differents IDEs, just an IDEA :)


The difference is clearly stated straight on product page:

Note: PhpStorm includes all the functionality of WebStorm (HTML/CSS Editor, JavaScript Editor) and adds full-fledged support for PHP.

As for comparison ... each IDE (except maybe WebStorm & PhpStorm) targets completely different main programming language (PHP, Python, Ruby etc) -- I see no really good way of comparing them plus common "sub-technologies" (commonly used with every language, e.g. JavaScript, CSS, XML etc) are shared between all IDEs (at the end of the day, a lot of things implemented as seperate plugins).

But maybe JB will implement your IDEA (you never know for sure) ...

The difference is clearly stated straight on product page:

No. It's not clear at all - which is why this question keeps getting asked.

When I look at the features of WebStorm it includes things like support for a variety of JavaScript frameworks.

The PhpStorm product page doesn't mention any of that.

I already have PhpStorm, primarily for it's PHP features, but want to start using more Javascript and frameworks in particular.

Reading the product pages made me think I might have to get WebStorm as well.  It really isn't clear, so a simple side-by-side feature list would be a nice addition.


Hi Jon,

Well -- I leave it for JetBrains staff to decide how they can improve it. From my personal point of view the phrase "PhpStorm includes all functionality of WebStorm" is good enough, although I have to agree that such comparison table will be more explanatory in general.


I was also searching the web some minutes to find this information. Since it is really important, and many users don't see it directly, why not emphasizing it at least a bit more on the product page? Just an idea ;-)


Adding to the confusion is that when you buy PhpStorm, the page recommends that you also buy WebStorm for $99. That strongly implies that PhpStorm does *not* include all the features of WebStorm.


I feel exactly the same, coming from a php backgrond and now have to go more and more the Node.js way and jascript in general, i would like to know if i have to upgrade my phpstorm licence or buy a webstorm licence.


PhpStorm still officially has all WebStorm functionality.
All WebStorm docs about how-to setup Node.js and etc are suitable for PhpStorm setup.

But if you don't need PHP functionality of PhpStorm, you can contact our sales guys and ask to downgrade PhpStorm license to WebStorm and get a refund:


Thanks you Liubov.
Wikipedia agree with you :) so based on your answer, i would be about to upgrade my phpstorm licence (and thank you for pointing me the possibility to downgrade licence).

But prefering to rely on official FAQ, we have "WebStorm is for hardcore JavaScript developers. It  includes features PHP  developer normally doesn’t need like Node.JS or  JSUnit. However  corresponding plugins can be installed into PhpStorm for  free.".

It's where a comparison table would be useful, to be aware about these plugins and install them in case of need.
Your answer to come should tell me what i should do regarding one licence or the other :)


First of all, from official JetBrains source: you can see (as Andriy already mentioned):

NOTE: PhpStorm includes all the functionality of WebStorm (HTML/CSS Editor, JavaScript Editor) and adds full-fledged support for PHP and Databases/SQL.

About plugins, all of them available here: . E.g. JavaScript plugins for PhpStorm: .

Also please see corresponding section in PhpStorm description: .


Thanks you Liubov, that helped me to choose the phpstorm licence update path.


Hey! Thanks for your reply. I use WebStorm and I like it. Recently I needed to work on some Wordpress projects and I would like to have php syntax highlightning. Do I have to buy PHPStorm just for syntax highlighting?? I tried to install the php textmate plugin but it seems, that it doesn't work with webstorm :/

It seems there is some bug:

I think syntax highlighting should be a basic think. And I don't want to buy a new product for that... what can I do?


+1 for feature comparison grid on product page.


I am sorry, have you read this thread? See: and attached screenshot from this page. Phpstorm.JPG


WebStorm doesn't have PHP plugin and will never be, since basically PhpStorm=WebStorm+PHP plugin+DB support.
Please see: .


Yep, and as others have pointed out it's still not obvious. Co-worker almost bought both licenses because he didn't see this thread or that tiny foot note. The only way you find this thread is by first wondering about this question, and then typing it into google. If others keeping coming to this thread then I think that is direct evidence the product page needs to make this information much more obvious. For reference, I ended up searching for "webstorm vs phpstorm features" to end up here.


I know that already. I don't need a full featured php plugin, I just want syntax highlighting. And I thought I could achieve this with textmate, but it seems that it doesn't work. I really just want syntax highlighting (like notepad++)



"But if you don't need PHP functionality of PhpStorm, you can contact our  sales guys and ask to downgrade PhpStorm license to WebStorm and get a  refund: "

I went the other direction.  I already had a license for Webstorm, then a couple of months later found that I needed PHP also.  I came to these forums and saw discussions about upgrading from Webstorm to Phpstorm, with the same information stated here (use the contact form).

So.... I used the contact form, giving them info on my existing Webstorm license, and saying that I wanted to upgrade to PhpStorm.  The response I got back said that they are totally different products and "we can't just let customers move from product to product to product".  I then emailed back links to topics in these forums where it is stated that if you want to upgrade from Webstorm to Phpstorm you should use the contact form, and that I was not trying to "move from product to product to product" but instead upgrade from a product that has less features to a different version of the same product that has more features.  The sales person responded back that there was no path for the upgrade, but that since I had been a customer for several years (using Resharper since 2005) I could get a $25 discount on a new license of Phpstorm.

I went ahead and purchased a new license of Phpstorm using the $25 "customer loyalty" discount, but emailed sales back saying I was not very pleased that their lack of an upgrade path meant I wasted money on a piece of software that is now totally useless to me.  I got no response back.


I want PhpStorm to be my full-stack IDE. I chose it because my specializations are in the PHP/JS/HTML/CSS world, not the Java world (although I picked up IntelliJ when they had a fire-sale a couple of years ago. I couldn't say no!). I hope it has all the features of WebStorm including the recently released React Native support that WebStorm 2016.3 is touting. JB makes the best IDEs, there's no comparison. I'll buy whatever I need to buy but I hope I don't need to launch two IDEs because that's not actually practical as PhpStorm continues to be the only app on my SSD Mac that can cause the fan to start going full speed. Wow!


I understand People, who search this alot, I did also, but if you want the advantage of using JavaScript I suggest WebStorm, I just bought it 3 days ago, and been working alot in it. It even setups an website server that I can debug my JavaScript, CSS, HTML & Frameworks.


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