Auto update file header?

So after switching to PHPStorm from Sublime Text I am very happy with everything, except for one plugin I can't seem to find anything similar for PHPStorm.

What i'm looking for is something that will automatically update the header in files, specficially the date the file was last edited.

Here's a Sublime Text plugin:

I've looked at Live Templates, and standard templates, but that only works for new files and doens't update when the file is saved.  My first thought was to use a file watcher to update the last modified time, but can't seem to figure it out.

Any suggestions, thoughts, ideas, etc??  Thanks guys!!

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there is no way to do this currently... Please vote for
Normally this case is handled by a version control system when it has  keyword substitution feature (VCS will replace special tags with  user/time when you commit the code).

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Automatically -- no.

But you could use Referencer plugin to quickly (but manually) insert/update timestamp.


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