Perforce + Code Collaborator as an External Tool

So I got PHPStorm + Perforce + Code Collaborator working together as an external tool, but I want to implement it a bit cleaner in PHPStorm.  I have 3 questions/statements that would help me do that.

1) I had to hard code the Perforce setting in the external tool, but I want to be able to just use the PHPStorm setting for configurations.

Here is my perforce settings (I can change over to a P4CONFIG file if needed):

Here is the external tools settings for Code Collaborator:
I want to change the "-p4user example" to -p4user <use whatever is in PHPStorm>. Same with client and port.

Is there a way to do that?

2) I want to add the external tool to the context menu of a change list

So when I right click on the "Checkpoint" change list the "Code Collaborator" tools shows up on it.  Is that possible?

3)  Is there a way to change the label of the prompt for the input?
I'd like to change the label from "Enter parameters" to something like "Enter changelist number"

Thanks for the help in advance.


Those arguments are "--pause-on-error --scm perforce --p4port --p4user example --p4client example addchangelist ask $Prompt$" if someone needs a copy and paste of it.

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I have a question to add to that... is there way to reference the active VCS changelist instead of prompting the user?

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such things are possible from within a plugin, unfortunately not via any UI configuration. There was a discussion about Collaborator support plugin, you might want to ask there on the current status:



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