mac os x 10.3.8 with latest java updaes and 4.5.3,4 unhappiness

Wondering if anyone else has been having problems with IDEA under a completely up to date Mac OS X system? (Most recent Java patches etc.)

It looks like some old time problems with windows not showing up has have come back. When the windows don't show up, cmd-q doesn't quit application anymore. Quit is disabled from the menu.

For example, create a new class which implements an interface:

Select implement methods from Code menu, nothing happens, but Quit is disabled.

Select show hints, and that popup window works OK. Select implement methods
and then the select methods to implement window finally shows but Quit is still not working.

I was also having trouble typing in dialogs at one point on a similarly configured laptop.

Just seeing if there is anyone else out there with a similar config who is or is not seeing weirdness.

The explanation could be QuickSilver (
which I've just started playing with, but I kind of doubt that.

Anyone using it and IDEA succesfully?

Thanks, Spencer

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Hey I got similar issues.

Also I noticed that the app is way too slow.
It takes time to remove a line or insert a template.

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Funny you should mention Quicksilver. I have a machine in the office (with QuickSilver and a machine @ home running 10.3.8 and the latest java patch (I use Dockfun @ home) and my machine @ work wirh Intellij runs like a dog, but my machine @ home runs like a champ.

QuickSilver doesnt seem like a huge resource hog though...wierd though.


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I've upped the memory settings and it seems to be
running snappier. Still experimenting though.
I will report back.

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I have been having the same problems, and I do not have Quicksilver installed (though I do use LaunchBar, which is similar). I am unable to get to the Quit or Preferences menuitems, and sometimes none of the application menus are visible at all. Luckily, the files are still being saved, so a force-quit and restart of the app can cure the problem for a little while. Not elegant though.


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From what I have heard, this problem and several other UI related problems on Mac OS X ar problems with Apple's VM and not with Idea. I have also heard that many of these problems are fixed in OS X 10.4. This is comming from folks who are running beta versions of 10.4 and have not seen the problems occur yet, even though they saw the problems often under 10.3.x.


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