Google Drive public folders uneditable - Clear Read-Only Status fails

I've tried running as administrator, but I have the same issue.  If I change the Root folder back to private all is well.
If I use a different IDE - e.g. NetBeans - all is well.
NB - I can see all the files and open them, but can't save changes.

I'm not particularly technical so I'm not sure what else to try.  Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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Hi there,

Please check this ticket -- sounds similar:

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You're right it does sound similar, although I've never had this problem with Dropbox.
However I didn't understand the proposed solutions.  I stopped understanding at this post.

Roman Shevchenko  12 Feb 2014, 13:22
Please post the output from icacls, attrib, and attached class for that folder so that we better understand how Windows, DOS and Java see it.

sounds like trying  "attrib -R /D /S dir" helped some, but I don't know what that means. Is that a command line thing? (or "scary black hacker window that can break things if you don't know what you're doing" as I think of it).

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Is that a command line thing?

Yes -- attrib is a standard command for DOS environment.

I suggest you comment and post results of what has been asked in this comment (attrib, icacls and java class) in the actual ticket:

attrib -R /D /S dir

This command (modified with your folder name) should remove Read-Only attribute from all files and folders in all sub-folders in that target directory.

I'm not sure about actual syntax though: based on quick help on Windows 7 ("attrib /?") it looks like it should be "attrib -R dir /S /D" (unless it accepts both variants)

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Google Drive puts read-only flag on the directories that are shared. PHPStorm is not compatible with it, it requires that folders do not have  read-only flag.
You are welcome to submit a request for Google Drive read-only folders support at and it will be considered depending on the number of votes.

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Thank you Elena,
I suspected something like this and was getting into a pickle trying to command line stuff.
I think I'll switch to using DropBox for this stuff because Dropbox doesn't seem to add the read-only state to shared files.
Err, how do I mark your answer as correct? I think I clicked the wrong button.  I'm not doing well today, I made my coffee with apple juice earlier.  Tis time for wine.


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