Visual Saved/Unsaved feedback in UI?

Hello! I am new to PhpStorm since I am testing it. I find it very impressive, a very intelligent program!

Is there any visual feedback whether the current file is saved or unsaved? In most programs the Save icon is grayed out after saving and enabled again after editing. Is there something similar in PhpStorm?


Everything is saved automatically. It's saved after a period of idleness, when closing tabs, when exiting the app, when running the app, etc. You can hurry the process up by doing a manual save. If you're using source control, and of course you are, then you will see files color coded when they've been changed.


Thanks. I've deactivated the setting "Save automatically after xx seconds", since I prefer saving manually.
I don't use Source Control yet in PhpStorm, I'm just beginning to test the program.


Hi there,

Settings | Editor | Editor Tabs | Mark modified tabs with asterisk


Hi Andriy, thanks!

Although I would prefer a better visibility, I would have placed it here:

(Inserting an image does not work here?)


You can't completely turn off the automatic saving. That setting just keeps the code from being saved during idle moments. The IDE will still autosave on builds, etc. All of the JetBrains IDEs work this way. I've seen other people complain about this as a mis-feature. They seem to like working out code ideas in the editor then abandoning them by not saving. That's an extremely bad idea and will eventually lead to bad code being deployed to production. If that's your approach, I suggest you look at the Local History support in the IDE, it gives you very simplistic file change history support.


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