Webstorm 8 - Debug Yeoman Generator

I am trying to figure out how to debug a yeoman generator from withint webstorm

My intial attempt was to add a empty generator framework as a node boiler plate project and then set the debug configuration as follows, when it's run it connects and then does nothing, since yo is an interactive command line program I am thinking it's waiting for input but i have no idea how to use it in that manner and get debugging.

Of course I may compeltely be on the wrong track, any input?

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You have to install yo locally to your project folder (npm install you), set breakpoints there, and use your local cli.js as a javascript file in your Run configuration. It works for me - debugger stops on breakpoint. But then, indeed, the debugging can't proceed as yo is waiting for input, and debugger console doesn't allow it (http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-11324)

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Yeah I got that far, but as you say there is no real way to debug the generator under test since we can't interact with it.

Is this a scheduled fix or just one of those things I will have to manually debug ( console out ) for the forseeable future


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