Debugger > Variables: not all variables are shown


the variable list is a well known feature when debugging.
The "hide empty superglobal variables" filter works as defined in many cases.


Look at the drupal function "theme_render_template()" on this page:

The function extracts an array to local variables and than includes a template file.

In this template file all extracted variables are available but are not visible in the variable list. ...well, not until they are used at least one time.

(BTW: global variables are listed, such as $_GET,...)

I think you see my point: if you don't see a variable in that list you don't know it exists...

Is there a setting I don't know?

There is an equal issu ( regarding code completion and I understand the performance thing, but in this case it should be different, right?



What's your xdebug version? Also please add your log files: .

Also please check that variables are not shown when option "hide empty superglobal variables" is enabled.


Thanks for the quick response!

xdebug version: 2.1.0-1
log: see attached file

"hide empty superglobal variables"
There are indeed variables that are hidden if this function is enabled - but there is no effect regarding my issue.


Can you please also send me xdebug.log ?
But if possible please create small sample project, that can recreate the issue and send me the log related to this project to localize the issue.



attached you find a sample project, xdebug.log and again idea.log


Can you please update xdebug to 2.2.1 (or 2.2.3).
Let me know how it goes.


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