Jump to end of autocompleted marks (e.g. [{" "}] things)

I know this is so stupid question, but it also really important element on the programming..
I have used a lot of developing IDE tools such as eclipse, xCode or source insight etc..
And all of them has a functionality something like this.

e.g. ( this | character means programmer's Cursor)
cursor from here : [ { " | " } ]
cursor to there : [ { " " } ] |

Haha, this is hard to say in english, so I drew it as a character.

Anyway, Webstorm has a auto complete functionality with quote or a lot of brakets,
and in the other IDE tools, we can use Tab key to move the cursor to the end of the autocompletion position.
But in the webstorm, I need to move the cursor witth the arrow keyboard all the time,
and it pretty much makes me annoying now-

So does anybody have an idea to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

(I'm using Mac os, so function + arrow or alt + arrow does not help me in this case~
I'm searching for the functionality exactly same with the other IDE's)

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Hi there,


Other than that please check if Complete Current Statement action (Ctrl+Enter on Windows) will help here.

You can try recording a macro and use it for such navigation (no clue how universal it would be though)


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