How to open file from command line and switch to PhpStorm

I'm new to PhpStorm, having used just a text-editor for the last few years, and am really enjoying finding all the little things that make life easier and coding faster.

I have 2 external tools that open files from my project in phpStorm and jump to the line number (using )

That's all working great, except that after loading the file in PhpStorm it leaves PhpStorm in the background, instead of switching to it and giving PhpStorm focus instead of the other application.

I've used those 2 tools with 2 other text-editors and in all 4 cases it would give the new (destination) application focus instead of staying on the old (source) application.

Is this something I should register as a bug? Or is there a way to get around this? Or is this intentional?

(If anyone knows a dos command I could run second to switch focus to PhpStorm, I'd be happy with that too.

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