Cant Get Live Templates to Work as I Expected

Hi - I have read the help files and yet something is not going right for me. when I am in a new file and I type my abreviation followed by the expand key - I get nothing. Just the abreviation is left on the screen.  

1- I create an abreviation
2 - I enter the text I want.
3 - I choose an expand key.
4 - I go back to my file and use the abreviation Plus the expand key  ... nothing happens.

So what am I doing wrong ???

Many thanks !

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Hi there,

Please show a screenshot of your live template (whole screen, not just part of it) as well as template body as a text (to copy-paste)

Also -- what IDE and what version do you use (Help | About) and what context / language it is?

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Hi - Thanks for the rapid reply !

Here is a screen shot of the whole live template panel open with my settings:

I'm using 7.1.3

Using it in PHP with Laravel.

Laravel Blade templates have a php extension BUT they contain HTML hence my need for an empty html template.

many Thanks !


<!DOCTYPE html>


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On your screenshot -- below template body it says "No applicable contexts. Define". You should define the context (by clicking on "Define") where this live template would be available.

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Ok - I Tried that by clicking on Php  & HTML and unclicking all the others.

It did not work at first , but then I restarted adn now it does work !

Thanks !


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