breakpoints not working for Chrome

Hello all,

I have a Macintosh OSX 10.9.2. with Webstorm 8.0.1. I am trying to debug a simple javascript program (a little demo of pixi.js library).
I am using the internal server of WebStorm (63342)
If I debug in Chrome (Version 35.0.1916.27 beta), the program did not stop on the breakpoints.
Chrome contains the plug-in JetBrain IDE support 2.0 that seems well installed.
IDE Connection --> Host:  --> Port: 63342

If I use Firefox (with JetBrains FireFox extensions 0.6.1), it works well and stop on the breakPoints.

Thanks a lot


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Chrome debugging works in 8.0.1. Can you attach a screencast bthat shows up the issue? Sample project would also help

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I have 2 macintoshs with the same example, the same webstorm and the same OSX

On my Imac, it does not works
On my Mac Book Pro, it works well.

It is probably an extension, I do not see where is the problem ???

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Not enough info to figure out the problem. Please attach the requested screencast


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