zen html not showing when using crtl J

when i us crtl j to bring up live template list none of my zen html shows up
it work fine using tab and also i dont have any issue on my pc just my mac

also my bootstrap livetemplates plugin did not show up so i had to manual add the xml file to directory

and my html zen live template is checked

what could be the problem with my live templates

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Does it work when you choose Code/Insert Live Template (i.e. when using menu rather than shortcut)?

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i went and rest set everything and it works but there still a major issue

every time i try to install the boot strap plugin my live templates get deleted and i have no live templates at all

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what this boot strap plugin is? How do you install it?

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i goto preferances > plugins . browse plugins and install from there i select bootstrap and it is from see below

the only way i was able to get it to work is to pull the bootstrap.xml file and put it in the templates directory

it got me a little worried if i try and install anything else that it will break something else

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I see:) Please report this issue to bootstrap plugin vendor


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