How to avoid all the Errors on Laravel Blade

Hi - I am a total newb to Laravel 4 and Blade. As I go through the tutorials using PHPStorm I get pages of PHP errors showing up when blade.php files. These errors persist even when I turn off syntax inspections.

Ok - so I googled the problem and came across the barryvdh ide_helper. I loaded it into the root of my project as instructed:

I get nothing - the errors are all still there and the ide_helper appears to do nothing.

So.. I'm obviously screwing up ...

Any suggestions ??

Many Thanks !


Blade template engine is not fully supported by PhpStorm (work is in progress): .
Vote for the existing issue.


ok - however is there somewhay I can get this ide_helper to work correctly ? or at least to remove all the php errors off the page ?


Please see this thread and check if you've configured everything about ide_helper correctly: .


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