Is it possible to associate cvs modules with IDEA modules?

Hello All,
What I am trying to do is to prune out the reusable portions
of my webapp's code (the M in MVC) into it's own cvs module. Maybe calling it MyAppCore or something like that. Unless I'm missing something, it seems like cvs integration is Project wide in IDEA, not module wide. Is that indeed the case? In other words, 1 cvs module per IDEA project?

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I think the association is rather loose, and you can have as many modules
as you want.

1. If necessary, create a new cvs root for each module.

2. Go to File->Check Out from CVS.

3. Checkout either to a new directory and create an Idea module for the new
source or check out to an existing Idea module.

PS: That's what I think needs to be done. I'm being very lazy and still have
an Idea project for each of my cvs modules.

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At first blush, this seems to be working for me.
Thanks Man!


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