Single file compilation takes (too) long on a moderate size project

We have a project of about 2000 files. Compilation of a single file (using SHIFT-CNTRL F9) takes about twenty seconds. The popup show following information:

Searching for files to delete(+-5 seconds)
Synchronzing output directory(+-5 seconds)
Parsing file (+-1 second)
Saving caches (+-5 seconds)

If a create an new project with one file, compilation is almost instanteneous. I wonder why a single file compilation has to take so much longer on a large project. Is is possible to skip (or speed up) any of the time consuming steps of a compilation ????

Note: doing a full make (CNTRL F9) after one file has been modified takes about the same time.
Another Note: I am already using the compile_action_patch

Idea 4.5.3
HP nc6000 (win 2000)

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