How to disable Javascript strict checks


Upgraded to Webstorm 8 and now it complains about strict mode errors I don't care about. I wan't to disable following error especially but can't seem to find out how.

"Function statement not at top level of the program or function is prohibited".

Did never see this error in Webstrom 7. Any way to do this?
Refactoring code is not an option.


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can you elaborate a bit more on this issue, please?

- what language is it about - javascript? What javascript language version is used (Settings/Javascript/javascript language version)?
- do you have any code quality tools (JSHint, JSLint, ..) enabled?
- a screenshot of the error and code snippet would help

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Nevermind, this was my mistake.
Broken git merge lost curly brace from "if" statement and that caused webstorm to mark all functions after it like in the screenshot. Took me while to figure out what was wrong as those functions were nested closures so didn't suspect anything wrong in my code until I checked git history.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 22.18.55.png

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