Webstorm 8 advanced angular support not working


I have just updated webstorm 5 to 8 to get the advanced angular support but I don't get any one of the advanced features described in the videos... expecially code completation in HTML file, when I type the controller's alias I don't see controller properties. But also the code coloring in HTML is still like in webstorm 5 instead of the new one of webstorm 8.

I have checked the installtion of the AngularJs plugin, it's there...I think it's something missing in configuration...

I'm sending you a screenshot of sample code, I made it starting from your samples on videos:


Also an other question: I'm used to define controller's properties and methods on controller's $scope. In your videos instead you define them in a controller's alias (var ws = this;). Does the advanced support work with properties and methods in scope like it does to controller alias?

Many thanks for support.
Regards, Fabio


I read the full article but I couldn't notice that.
It's working well now.

Many thanks for your quick answer.
Regards, F.


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