ItelliJ IDEA 3.0.5 (or 4.0/4.5)


I am a webdeveloper and use Tomcat 4.1 integration with IntelliJ Editor to Debug my servlets at the execution time. The integration is quite easy and straightforward. However, when I have to move the code to testing env, clients usually use IBM Websphere or BEA app servers. In my case it is IBM Websphere Application Server 5.0.

I would really like to hook my IntelliJ Editor with my code deployed on IBM App server and debug it whenver a problem happens. Is it possible and how? Please write in detail.


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If you're looking to connect and debug a remote server with Idea 3.0, follow the steps below.

-Click the run/debug configurations drop down and select "Edit Entries" or select “Project Properties” > “Run/Debug”

-Select the "Remote" tab and press the + button

-Select "Socket" for the Transport and "Attach" for the Debugger Mode

-Enter the Host and Port and then click "Apply"

Once you have set up your connection, make sure the remote server is started with the debug settings which can be found above the Transport and Debugger Mode options.

Once you have everything set up and the remote server started in Debug mode, select the configuration you just created and start debugging.


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Your answer is helpful and I am already using tomcat for debugging, but can I do the same with IBM Websphere?

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Yes - you just need to start WebSphere with the debugging parameters added to the command line (in the same way you do with Tomcat.)

You'll be able to remotely debug servlets / EJBs easily. (not JSPs though).


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