Help me pls protect my RAM against WebStorm (Mac OS X 10.9)

I wonder is this normal and acceptable when an IDE occupies 540MB(!!!!) at a startup, boots up during 2-3 minutes with loading i5 at 200-300%????
And all this about a project with 10 bower components, 40 js/html templates, and 10 opened files in an editor. It's a fresh, default installation. The only plugin added is markupdown. No file watchers. Etc..

I don't satisfied with v7, and have hoped that v8 is refactored, but I'm not sure I will buy it.

Let me know please is this possible to set up f..g Java parameters or something else in order to limit memory consumption to 50-100MB as it is reasonable amount needed for such IDEish applications.

PS RAM occupied by WebStorm grows during a working day up to 1GB. It's madness!

PSS By the way, unregistered tag causes "Unexpected error". People send their message again. Too many dublicated threads.

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