WebStorm and IntelliJ share a taskbar icon

I don't know if this is a WebStorm issue particularly, but its pretty strange. I have both WebStorm and IntelliJ in my taskbar. If I launch IntelliJ by clicking the tray icon, it launches fine. When I launch WebStorm, it also loads (eventually) but it takes over the IntelliJ icon in the Tray - and the WebStorm tray icon shows as unloaded.

I guess this makes some sense since IntelliJ and WebStorm share the same internals, but I have no idea how to fix it.

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It doesn't help with the icon issue, but I _highly_ suggest that developers use a launcher on OS/X, like Alfred (my personal choice), LaunchBar or QuickSilver. The launching and searching features built into the tools alone make it worth the while - you won't see the problem you posted about at all since they target the app, not the icon.


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