NEED: Google closure type annotation as basis for Find usages and Refactor.

I have been looking for a way to make WebStorm check google closure type annotation and namespacing as a basis for filtering same object type searches, but without any luck.

My problem is that while cryptic or redundant function naming could save the day, searching for uses of a start(), create(), set(), get() or other generically named function is (potentially) heavily cluttered since the Find usages and refactor-rename operations are still just string based searches without any respect for the documented type of objects. If I want to find usages of a start() function as defined on the prototype of a given timer type object, it appears that the filtering job is still mine, as the search returns all cases of a start() call regardless of the object it is called on. I am aware that the Find in path... search allows me to narrow the scope, but it still doesn't solve the problem entirely, and I had really hoped for this kind of functionality from the usage and refactor searches. (Yes, I am aware that google closure is still not as supported in WebStorm as I could have hoped, but as all the necessary information seems to be there, I only think the utility of it should be as well : )

IS there currently any way to force this kind of filtering based on google closure type annotation or does anybody know of a way to implement such functionality - maybe as a plugin or something?

Eager to hear from anybody who's able to shed some light on this. Thanks :)

PS: I am sorry to seem overly focused on type checking for the above mentioned uses only. Autocompletion and more exact hints are of course other benefits of a proper type checking whether for closure, typescript or whatever.

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There is no way to do this currently. Please feel free to create a request for this feature in yourack. Related ticket:


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