Auto deploy to Tomcat for debug session

I would like to configure IDEA so that when I click the debug button it automatically deploys the Web module to Tomcat. Right now I'm having a hard time keeping the deployed Web module in sync with the code I'm working on. IDEA is connecting to the Tomcat server OK, and I'm using IDEA to start and stop Tomcat.

In the debug dialog / Tomcat server tab / Deployment tab there is the option "J2EE modules to deploy at startup". When I select my module and hit "debug" it doesn't seem to work. I go to the webpage in a browser and the app is not available. Also, when I return to the debug dialog, the setting to deploy the module is gone. It reverts back to nothing selected.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm using local debugging -- IDEA and Tomcat both on my dev workstation.

Windows XP
IDEA 4.5.3, build 2250
Tomcat 5.5.4

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