ANT properties file outside of module directory


I have a question about apache-ant-1.5+ support in the IDEA 4.5.3. IDEA 4.5.x introduces a lot of features for ANT builds development (some refactorings, code navigation and so on), but lost ability to resolve properties placed in the property files that located higher in the directory tree. AFAIR it worked with 4.0 and may be earlier releases of IDEA, but it sto?ped to work in 4.5.x.

In other words, I have the following structure:


In this case IDEA highlights references to properties defined in the as errors in case when path to the is defined through the property from file.

'' contains

'' contains

'build.xml' contains

and ${common.dir}/ is highlighted as error.

Is it a bug or I just missed some setting/option?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

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Does the ${common.dir}/ file exist? IDEA highlights files that don't exist as errors, which can be annoying if you have allowed for the possibility to customise the build, but the customisation files don't exist. There should definitely be an option to turn this off.

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Surely it exists, because the build.xml works :) Furthermore, IDEA 4.0 resolves all these issues correctly and doesn't highlights the property file. I guess it was touched during ant build code navigation features 'enhancement'.


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